We know that it's important to support our customers as they implement and then perfect their facilitation skills, techniques, and strategies.  That's why we provide several support avenues to all participants in our workshops - at no additional cost.

  • Facilitated IEP Seminar - Several weeks after participating in a Key2Ed Facilitated IEP workshop, participants are invited to attend a follow-up 30-minute seminar.  This seminar is provided via technology and includes the original trainer along with all of the participants of the workshop.  This seminar lets workshop participants share their experiences with facilitation and receive additional coaching/feedback from Key2Ed trainers.  It also allows the Key2Ed trainers to augment the original training with additional information that lets workshop participants lock in their skills.
  • One-on-One Support - Key2Ed supports participants 24-hour per day, 365 day per year through telephone, email communication and teleconferencing. If a participant wants a Key2Ed associate to help them prepare for an upcoming IEP meeting and/or debrief after a meeting, their trainer will available to speak with them.  This enables Key2Ed to ensures that the process will be used properly and to the maximum benefit for IEP meeting participants. It also reduces the possibility of the "dusty manual syndrome;" that is, workshops where information is presented and even implemented for a short time, and then shelved for lack of support from the workshop presenters.
  • Online Discussion Forum - Key2Ed has established a "Facilitated IEP" discussion group on LinkedIn.  This discussion group is open to anyone who wants to partcipate in discussions on facilitated IEP meetings.  Key2Ed trainers regularly post articles, opinions, and additional information that will be helpful to IEP facilitators.  They also monitor all conversations in the group and provide expert responses to questions from participants.  This discussion forum is available to anyone with a LinkedIn account (free).


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