IEP Facilitation Workshop

Facilitated IEP Workshop

The Facilitated IEP (FIEP) Workshop is the foundation for Key2Ed's facilitation program.  Thousands of educators have completed IEP facilitation training in Key2Ed FIEP workshops nationwide.

Key2Ed developed individualized education program (IEP) meeting facilitation in the 90s. Today, Key2Ed provides an intense training in conflict prevention and IEP Meeting Facilitation for school districts throughout the country. This training concentrates on providing the specific tools and techniques for IEP meeting participants to improve positive communication, reduce and resolve IEP team conflict, and focus the IEP meeting on the needs of the student.

Participants learn to:


  • Guide IEP teams to agree on appropriate, compliant, and effective IEPs
  • Channel communication to building mutual understanding based on respect
  • Create agreements based on full participation from all members
  • Generate informed discussions
  • Prevent, reduce, and resolve conflict

All delivered in a hands-on, practical application workshop that promotes rapid assimilation and long-term retention of concepts.

This two or three-day workshop prepares participants to successfully conduct effective IEP meetings. The training is designed to instruct how to manage/prevent conflict while ensuring the meeting content and process focuses first and foremost on the needs of the student.

Participants go through actual simulations of IEP meetings so that they have the chance to practice the skills presented in a safe learning environment, and are prepared to go out and implement these skills the very next day.

Key2Ed provides a 30-minute follow-up seminar to reinforce and coach implementation of the acquired skills. This is done via technology sometime between 6 weeks and 6 months after the initial training and helps participants lock in their skills.

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