Facilitator Coaching coaching

Key2Ed offers direct one-on-one coaching for IEP Facilitators who want to extend and fine-tune their facilitation skills to the highest level as well as act as a resource to other facilitators in their school agency.

Key2Ed's Coaching model will train key district staff members to assist with sustainability of the Key2Ed IEP Facilitation Model.  The coach will be trained in the FIEP concepts as well as advanced skills in coaching. Key2Ed staff will work closely and individually with each coach to reinforce learning and mentor him or her through their facilitation activities.

  • Phase I: Candidates for the coaching model will be identified by the school district in the initial FIEP training. After the training, the coaching candidates, in collaboration with Key2Ed, will be approved to continue to Phase II.
  • Phase II: Coaching candidates will attend an advanced training, stakeholder training, and participate in all technical support calls. In addition, up to five candidates will attend a one-day coaching workshop, which will instruct the candidate in research based coaching techniques as well as identify facilitative behaviors during facilitation. Upon completion of all training courses, candidates will advance to Phase III. Candidates must facilitate a minimum of five (5) IEP’s annually using the Key2Ed model.
  • Phase III: Each coach will be required to submit to a Key2Ed associate, the coaching feedback notes that the coach developed while observing a facilitator.  The Key2Ed associate will review the feedback based on the Coaching Facilitation Rubric (CFR). Upon completion of Phase III requirements and a minimum score of ___ on the CFR, the candidate will be certified as a Key2Ed Coach. *if the candidate does not meet criteria, Phase III must be repeated.
  • Phase IV: A re-certification criterion is a review of Key2Ed supplied video of an IEP Facilitation and submission of coaching notes for the video.

Certification of coaching does not certify candidate to be a facilitated IEP trainer.


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