Customer Service Workshop

Exemplary Customer Service in our Schools

More and more school systems are focusing efforts on building maintaining relationships, both within the school system and with families and other community organizations.
This one-day Key2Ed workshop will present ideas/concepts on implementing a welcoming culture while serving education’s customers, students and families, and how we can provide exemplary service to them. Participants will explore best practices in customer service and discuss how we can utilize and adapt these practices to education at the district and school levels, to promote quality educational practices.

Communication tools, activities, and ideas will be presented to assist all district staff in developing lasting positive relationships with each other and with families, students, and the surrounding community.
Workshop participants will leave with these outcomes:

  • Shared understanding of and agreement on the district’s customers
  • Ideas about best practices in delivering exemplary customer service to the district’s customers
  • Action plans/next steps for delivering quality customer service


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