Building facilitation capacity group

Building Facilitation Capacity

Generally the first question participants ask upon completion of the Facilitated IEP Workshop is, "How can I bring this back to my school district?"

Our belief is that facilitation should be used in ALL special education IEP meetings.  Our participants recognize the value of the skills and strategies and their desire is to bring this approach back to their school districts.  But how do they do it when they are just one person?

Key2Ed has worked with several agencies - including school districts, cooperatives, and state departments of education - to design and implement a plan for each that brings these strategies and skills to all of their staff.  Using a graduated approach, the skills and strategies can be implemented and built upon as they are mastered.  This program begins the cultural change that is required for everyone at the school district to embrace and actively implement this critical approach to conducting IEP meetings.

The Key2Ed team can work with your school agency to design a plan that works for you.  Whether it includes specific Key2Ed workshops or all of them; whether we implement every component as-is or tailor some portions to your school agency; whether everyone participates in the professional development every year or whether it's just new staff - Key2Ed will work with you to design and implement just the right program for your situation.

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