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Key2Ed was founded in 2004 to provide educational consulting services to school districts, state departments of education, and other educational agencies and entities serving students K – 12th grade. The Key2Ed staff members have extensive training, knowledge, and expertise coming from their years on the job and field educational experiences throughout the country, including work with charter schools.


The Company’s focus is providing on site consulting services in the area of IEP meeting facilitation professional developmnt.


In the 1990's, Key2Ed founders saw that the majority of conflict between districts and families had its genesis at the IEP Meeting level.  They developed the Facilitated IEP Process Program and a Training Component.  As of today, over 1,000 workshops have been held and 10,000 individuals have been trained using their Program to reduce conflict and to provide an IEP collaborative meeting atmosphere.


Key2Ed IEP Facilitation TrainingA few examples of the successes of the Facilitated Program include:  The US Department of Education through the CADRE organization has recognized this process as an effective dispute resolution process in special education.  The state of California reported significant savings ($10 million over 2 years) in the cost of due process due to reduced or eliminated conflict related to IEP meetings using Facilitated Programs techniques after staff workshop training. The state of Indiana put in place a state initiative, trained facilitators throughout the state, and now reports the lowest incidences of due process hearings and mediations in the nation.


Key2Ed is a company made up of individuals who are keenly aware of the challenges of educating twenty-first century learners in school districts faced with the realities of increasing  state and federal requirements and involvements, implementing standards, assessments and accountability measures, and serving diverse populations in an environment of decreasing budgets. Understanding this, it is Key2Ed's mission to partner with school districts and other educational entities to provide assistance and support so that each and every student entrusted to them is given the opportunity to learn to his or her fullest potential.

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