Workshop Payment - Purchase Order

If you are paying for a workshop registration using a school agency purchase order, following these instructions:

  1. First, if you are registering multiple people, you will need to perform these instructions for each person
  2. Enter the person's name and email address in the appropriate fields at the bottom of the workshop description page
  3. When you checkout, you may either:
    • Check out as a guest (for individual registrations)
    • Register Account (if you're registering more than one person)
    If you are registering multiple people for the workshop, choose the "Register Account" option.  This allows you to create an account. When you register subsequent people, you can use your registered account to prepopulate all billing, shipping, and payment information - saving you a TON OF TIME!
  4. Select the "Purchase Order" payment type
  5. Enter the Name of your agency, the address, and the PO number in the Customer Note field
  6. Confirm your order
  7. When you successfully register for the workshop, you will receive a confirmation email