Key2Ed is your KEY to Professional Development

Key2Ed is an educational consulting company, specializing in personalized consulting services to state and local education agencies, including and providing training in special education meeting facilitation and conflict resolution, as well as educational leadership. Key2Ed was founded by Joyce and Doug Little who designed and developed meeting facilitation for IEP meetings through JDL Associates, their previous company. Key2Ed also provides consulting for districts for finance, instructional leadership, and special education.

Our Services

facilitatedIEPFacilitated Meetings

Today, Key2Ed provides 3-day training in Conflict Resolution and IEP Meeting Facilitation for school districts throughout the country.

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Evaluation Conferences

Collaborative Teacher and Staff Evaluation Conferences are key to improving instructional performance to affect student gains.

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Education Leadership

In today's education environment, outsdtanding leadership is critical to student success.

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Special Education Studies & Audits

Key2Ed is pleased to provide assistance to local school districts with their special education programs with recommendations and assistance in improving staff and student performance.

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